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2018 -  An evaluation of Spanish and English on-line information sources regarding pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.
2018 -  Improving the Quality of Primary Care by Optimizing Implementation Research Reporting.
2018 -  Effective translation of a type-2 diabetes primary prevention programme into routine primary care: The PreDE cluster randomised clinical trial.
2018 -  Engaging primary care professionals in collaborative processes for optimizing type 2 diabetes prevention practice
2018 -  Complex multiple risk intervention to promote healthy behaviours in people between 45 to 75 years attended in primary health care (EIRA study): study protocol for a hybrid trial
2017 -  Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies (StaRI) Statement
2017 -  Beyond the consultation room: proposals to approach health promotion in primary care according to health-care users, key community informants and primary care centre workers.
2017 -  The implementation of health promotion in primary and community care: a qualitative analysis of the 'Prescribe Vida Saludable' strategy.
2017 -  Feasibility of an implementation strategy for the integration of health promotion in routine primary care: a quantitative process evaluation.
2017 -  Efficiency of "Prescribe Vida Saludable", a health promotion innovation. Pilot phase.
2017 -  Framework for the establishment of a feasible, tailored and effective perinatal education.
2017 -  Health-care users, key community informants and primary health care workers' views on health, health promotion, health assets and deficits: qualitative study in seven Spanish regions.
2017 -  Adjuvant Biological Therapies in Chronic Leg Ulcers.
2017 -  Applying spatio-temporal models to assess variations across health care areas and regions: Lessons from the decentralized Spanish National Health System.
2017 -  Collaborative modeling of an implementation strategy: a case study to integrate health promotion in primary and community care.
2017 -  Validity and reliability of the Spanish version of the Organizational Readiness for Knowledge Translation (OR4KT) questionnaire.
2017 -  Design of a multicentre randomized controlled trial to assess the safety and efficacy of dose titration by specialized nurses in patients with heart failure. ETIFIC study protocol.
2016 -  Baseline characteristics and changes in treatment after a period of optimization of the patients included in the study EFICAR.
2016 -  Effectiveness of a smartphone application for improving healthy lifestyles. A Randomized clinical trial (EVIDENT II): Baseline data.
2016 -  Efectividad y determinantes del éxito de los programas de atención a pacientes con insuficiencia cardiaca: revisión sistemática y metanálisis
2016 -  Intervention to Prevent Major Depression in Primary Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial
2016 -  Abdominal obesity as a mediator of the influence of physical activity on insulin resistance in Spanish adults
2016 -  Prevención de la diabetes mellitus tipo 2 en Atención Primaria de Salud mediante estilos de vida saludables: cuidados e intervención clínica recomendada.
2016 -  Type-2 diabetes primary prevention program implemented in routine primary care: a process evaluation study
2016 -  Metric properties of the "prescribe healthy life" screening questionnaire to detect healthy behaviors: a cross-sectional pilot study
2016 -  Perceived needs of women regarding maternity. Qualitative study to redesign maternal education
2016 -  Mapa geográfico de salud mental: variación geográfica en psicosis y asociación con factores ambientales.
2016 -  Trends and area variations in Potentially Preventable Admissions for COPD in Spain (2002?2013): a significant decline and convergence between areas
2015 -  Social inequalities in a population based colorectal cancer screening programme in the Basque Country
2015 -  Supervised physical exercise to improve the quality of life of cancer patients: the EFICANCER randomised controlled trial.
2015 -  Effects of kiwi consumption on plasma lipids, fibrinogen and insulin resistance in the context of a normal diet.
2015 -  Glycemic index, glycemic load, and pulse wave reflection in adults
2015 -  Screening Physical Activity in Family Practice: Validity of the Spanish Version of a Brief Physical Activity Questionnaire
2015 -  Clustering of lifestyle characteristics and their association with cardio-metabolic health: the Lifestyles and Endothelial Dysfunction (EVIDENT) study.
2015 -  Evidence from interventions based on theoretical models for lifestyle modification (physical activity, diet, alcohol and tobacco use) in primary care settings: A systematic review.
2015 -  Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity as a mediator between sedentary behavior and cardiometabolic risk in Spanish healthy adults: a mediation analysis
2015 -  Sedentary behaviour patterns and carotid intima-media thickness in Spanish healthy adult population
2015 -  Efficacy of a cognitive and behavioural psychotherapy applied by primary care psychologists in patients with mixed anxiety-depressive disorder: a research protocol
2015 -  Evaluating the feasibility of a supervised physical exercise program in patients with systolic heart failure in primary care
2015 -  Supervised exercise programme in primary care to improve quality of life and functional capacity for heart failure patients
2015 -  Variability in potentially preventable hospitalisations: an observational study of clinical practice patterns of general practitioners and care outcomes in the Basque Country (Spain)
2015 -  Social inequalities in a population based colorectal cancer screening programme in the Basque Country
2015 -  The Origin of Variation in Primary Care Process and Outcome Indicators: Patients, Professionals, Centers, and Health Districts
2014 -  Reliability and validity of the 7-day Physical Activity Recall interview in a Spanish population.
2014 -  Effectiveness of a snartphone application for improving healthy lifestyles, a Randomized clinical trial (EVIDENT II): study protocol.
2014 -  Research within the reach of Osakidetza professionals: Primary Health Care Research Program.
2014 -  Supervised exercise for acute coronary patients in primary care: a randomized clinical trial.
2014 -  Platelet-rich plasma in the conservative treatment of painful tendinopathy: a systematic reviewand meta-analysis of controlled studies.
2014 -  Effectiveness of physical activity promotion interventions in primary care: A review of reviews.
2014 -  Blood pressure circadian pattern and physical exercise assessment by accelerometer and 7-day physical activity recall scale
2014 -  Electrocardiographic left ventricular hypertrophy criteria and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring parameters in adults
2014 -  Predictors of long-term change of a physical activity promotion programme in primary care
2014 -  Relationship between objectively measured physical activity and cardiovascular aging in the general population--the EVIDENT trial
2014 -  Relationship between objectively measured physical activity and vascular structure and function in adults
2014 -  Relationship between physical activity and plasma fibrinogen concentrations in adults without chronic diseases
2014 -  Patients' opinions about knowing their risk for depression and what to do about it. The predictD-qualitative study
2014 -  Efficacy and safety of autologous platelet rich plasma for the treatment of vascular ulcers in primary care: Phase III study
2014 -  Desarrollo y pilotaje de un programa colaborativo multidisciplinar para la atención integral de pacientes diagnosticados de insuficiencia cardíaca (IC) PROMIC
2014 -  Development of a predictive risk model for unplanned admissions in the Basque Country
2014 -  Prevalence and costs of multimorbidity by deprivation levels in the basque country: a population based study using health administrative databases
2013 -  Protocol for assessing the hypotensive effect of evening administration of acetylsalicylic acid: study protocol for a randomized, cross-over controlled trial.
2013 -  Can a meta-analysis that included articles with high heterogeneity appropriately evaluate the risk of venous thromboembolism in users of combined hormonal contraceptives containing drospirenone or desogestrel? A reply to Rosa et al.
2013 -  Impact of a self-care education programme on patients with type 2 diabetes in primary care in the Basque Country.
2013 -  Association of television viewing time with central hemodynamic parameters and radial augmentation index in adults.
2013 -  Effectiveness of "primary bereavement care" for widows: a cluster randomized controlled trial involving family physicians.
2013 -  Association between smoking status and the parameters of vascular structure and function in adults: results from the EVIDENT study
2013 -  Explaining medically unexplained symptoms: somatizing patients' responses in primary care
2013 -  Preventing the onset of major depression based on the level and profile of risk of primary care attendees: protocol of a cluster randomised trial (the predictD-CCRT study)
2013 -  Prevalence and costs of chronicity and multimorbidity in the population covered by the Basque public telecare service
2013 -  Predictive risk modelling in the Spanish population: a cross-sectional study
2013 -  Prevalence of multimorbidity according to the deprivation level among the elderly in the Basque Country
2013 -  Rediseño de la educación maternal: propuesta de un marco para la elaboración de un programa de educación para la salud y preparación al nacimiento efectivo y centrado en las necesidades de las mujeres
2013 -  Resultados de la asistencia neonatal de los muy prematuros en la red sanitaria del País Vasco.
2013 -  Socioeconomic variation in the burden of chronic conditions and health care provision--analyzing administrative individual level data from the Basque Country, Spain
2013 -  Proyecto de promoción de la salud «Prescribe vida saludable: lugar de encuentro entre la Atención Primaria y la comunidad.
2012 -  Feasibility and effectiveness of the implementation of a primary prevention programme for type 2 diabetes in routine primary care practice: a phase IV cluster randomised clinical trial.
2012 -  Comparison of two measuring instruments, B-pro and SphygmoCor system as reference, to evaluate central systolic blood pressure and radial augmentation index.
2012 -  Variability in the detection and monitoring of chronic patients in primary care according to what is registered in the electronic health record.
2012 -  Venous and pulmonary thromboembolism and combined hormonal contraceptives. Systematic review and meta-analysis.
2012 -  Monitoring the prevalence of chronic conditions: which data should we use?
2012 -  Antenatal Education and Breastfeeding in Spanish Primiparas: A cohort study.
2012 -  [Research in primary care as an area of knowledge. SESPAS Report 2012].
2012 -  Comparison of two measuring instruments, B-pro and SphygmoCor system as reference, to evaluate central systolic blood pressure and radial augmentation index.
2011 -  Two-Year Longitudinal Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Trial of Physical Activity Promotion by General Practitioners
2011 -  The burden of mental disorders in primary care.
2011 -  Health promotion in primary care: how should we intervene? A qualitative study involving both physicians and patients
2011 -  Validity of a single-factor model underlying the metabolic syndrome in young adults: confirmatory factor analysis
2010 -  Rationale and design of a randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of an exercise program to improve the quality of life of patients with heart failure in primary care: The EFICAR study protocol.
2010 -  The benefits of antenatal education for the childbirth process in Spain.
2010 -  Inequalities in mortality in small areas of eleven Spanish cities (the multicenter MEDEA project).
2010 -  Effect on cardiovascular risk of an intervention by family physicians to promote physical exercise among sedentary individuals
2010 -  Physical exercise, fitness and dietary pattern and their relationship with circadian blood pressure pattern, augmentation index and endothelial dysfunction biological markers: EVIDENT study protocol
2009 -  Modelling innovative interventions for optimising healthy lifestyle promotion in primary health care: "prescribe Vida Saludable" phase I research protocol.
2009 -  Agreement between the SCORE and D'Agostino Scales for the classification of high cardiovascular risk in sedentary spanish patients.
2009 -  Effectiveness of physical activity advice and prescription by physicians in routine primary care: a cluster randomised trial.
2009 -  Somatisation in primary care: experiences of primary care physicians involved in a training program and in a randomised controlled trial
2009 -  Médicos de familia y psiquiatras ante el paciente con depresión: la necesidad de readecuar enfoques asistenciales y dinámicas organizativas.
2009 -  Pulse pressure and nocturnal fall in blood pressure are predictors of vascular, cardiac and renal target organ damage in hypertensive patients (LOD-RISK study).
2009 -  Afección renal subclínica y establecida en pacientes hipertensos de nuevo diagnóstico.
2009 -  Effectiveness of physical activity advice and prescription by physicians in routine primary care: a cluster randomised trial.
2008 -  Is integration of healthy lifestyle promotion into primary care feasible? Discussion and consensus sessions between clinicians and researchers.
2008 -  Design and process of the EMA Cohort Study: the value of antenatal education in childbirth and breastfeeding.
2008 -  Targeting physical activity promotion in general practice: characteristics of inactive patients and willingness to change.
2008 -  Why is managing patients with medically unexplained symptoms in General Practice such a complex issue?
2008 -  The diagnostic challenges presented by patients with medically unexplained symptoms in general practice
2008 -  Patterns and correlates of multiple risk behaviors in overweight women.
2008 -  Estrategias útiles para la promoción de estilos de vida saludables en atención primaria de salud.
2007 -  A randomized controlled clinical trial of a psychosocial and communication intervention carried out by GPs for patients with medically unexplained symptoms
2007 -  Patterns and correlates of physical activity and nutrition behaviors in adolescents.
2007 -  La red de investigación en actividades preventivas y promoción de la salud: un reto para la atención
2007 -  Proyecto de investigación para evaluar la eficacia de los Cuidados Primarios de Duelo(CPD) en viudas: un ensayo clinico aleatorizado por médicos
2006 -  Utilidad de la educación maternal.
2006 -  Effects of family physicians' counseling in increasing physical activity and fitness of adult sedentary patients.
2006 -  The provision of grief services by primary care physicians.
2006 -  La forma de captar participantes influye en su grado de colaboración
2005 -  Inventario Texas Revisado de Duelo (ITRD): adaptación al castellano, fiabilidad y validez
2003 -  Predictors of long-term outcome of a smoking cessation programme in primary care.
2003 -  Routine primary care management of acute low back pain: adherence to clinical guidelines.
2003 -  Expectations and satisfaction in mental health center users
2003 -  Protocol for the multi-centre evaluation of the Experimental Programme Promotion of Physical Activity (PEPAF)
2003 -  Expectations and satisfaction in mental health center users
2003 -  Do the incontinent patients improve their equality of life using a humidity detector device?
2003 -  Redes Temáticas de Investigación Cooperativa
2002 -  Abordaje biopsicosocial de los pacientes somatizadores en las consultas de Atención Primaria: un estudio piloto.
2002 -  Abordaje biopsicosocial de los pacientes somatizadores en las consultas de Atención Primaria: un estudio piloto
2002 -  ¿Por qué tan pocos ensayos clinicos en atención primaria?
2001 -  Prevention in Routine General Practice: Activity Patterns and Potential Promoting Factors.
2001 -  ¿Podemos ayudar a nuestros pacientes a dejar de fumar?: la experiencia del Programa de Abandono del Tabaco.
2001 -  The Othmer and DeSouza test for screening of somatisation disorder: is it useful in general practice?
2001 -  Inventario de experiencia en duelo (IED): adaptación al castellano, fiabilidad y validez.
2000 -  An evidence-based programme for smoking cessation: effectiveness in routine general practice.
2000 -  ¿Es necesario que algunos pacientes nos visiten tan a menudo?: Factores asociados con la utilización en pediatría de atención primaria.
1999 -  Descripción de las guías disponibles en España para el abordaje del tabaquismo en atención primaria.
1999 -  D-E-P-E-N-A-S, hormonas y emociones: una guía práctica para el abordaje del malestar psicológico en atención primaria.
1999 -  Application of the ambulatory care groups in the primary care of a European national health care system: does it work?
1999 -  Overutilization and psychosocial factors: myth or reality?
1998 -  Understanding patient-initiated frequent attendance in primary care: a case-control study.
1998 -  Importancia de la calidad de los datos en la validación del case-mix ACG.
1998 -  Understanding patient-initiated frequent attendance in primary care: a case-control study.
1998 -  Evaluación es una palabra muy seria
1996 -  El duelo por la pérdida del cónyuge: un estudio mediante grupos de discusión en atención primaria.
1996 -  ¿Funciona la comunicación entre los niveles primario y secundario?
1996 -  Does the communication between primary and secondary levels function?
1995 -  Factores de riesgo cardiovascular en la infancia y adolescencia en España.
1995 -  Satisfacción de usuarios de equipos de atención primaria: relación con la formación del médico en el área de la relación médico-paciente
1995 -  Manejo de la Ulcera Vascular de los Miembros Inferiores.
1995 -  Características del botiquín familiar en el barrio de Rekaldeberri-Bilbao.